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Fowler Logistics

Mission Statement

Fowler Logistics is a veteran owned, non asset based 3PL company. Committed to cultivating a vast network of motor carriers and shippers to streamline the supply chain process.

We provide solutions to our clients problems by providing only to most reliable carriers.

As a company, we’ve applied our personal values to our business. We believe strong core values foster success in all aspects personal and professional.

Vigilance: Two values that are in the Fowler Coat of Arms motto are Wisdom and Vigilance. We will not always be able to see obstacles that come our way but maintaining proper vigilance will help navigate those hurdles to show you a way to get past them.

Integrity: our reputation is everything to us as a company. We are not in the business of having short term clients to make a quick buck, our reputation be damned. We are in the business of fostering long-lasting relationships with all of our clients and having the integrity to stand with our clients or to be honest about what we can and can not do for our clients will create a solid

Focus: This value is one of our most important. When we say focus we mean that we do not settle for less than perfect service to our clients. We do not keep carriers around that do not deliver on their contracts. We only want the best around us, which in turn helps boost us as a company by maintaining good relationships with our clients. We have very clear goals as a company and anything that hinders that is stamped out immediately.

  • 863.399.0196
  • James@FowlerLogistics.com

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